Transparency with The Wave Project

(In the context of the Initiative for Transparent Civil Society Germany, set up by Transparency International)

1. General Information

The Wave Project e.V.

Hopfengarten 15

41189 Mönchengladbach


Foundation year: 2018 till 2023

e.V.: since 04/2023


Mr. Akim Akhter

2. Statutes and objectives

3. Latest confirmation of the finance authority about the recognition as a non-profit and tax-exempted entity

4. Names and roles of key decision-makers

  • Akim Akhter (Chairman)
  • Jens Rinnelt (Vice Chairman)

5. Annual Report

6. Personnel structure

7. Source of funds

8. Use of funds

9. Contractual agreements with third parties

  • none

10. Contributions which constitute more than 10% of total yearly income

  • Individual donations, which make up more than 10% of the total annual income, were raised by or partners.

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