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There is the We Can Help Mastercard, this is not necessary for your support, but we don't want to deprive you of it either.

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Give with Bing


The Microsoft Rewards program allows participants to donate with Bing and activate it in their dashboard with one click.

All you need to do is have a Microsoft account and put our foundation there. Simply click on the following button:



transparent reporting

at least 2x per year a update about the child

donations are tax deductible

the money reaches the child 1:1

a issued certficate of the sponsorship

General Information

Each sponsorship is designed for at least 1 year. Beyond that, there is no time limit.

The cost per sponsorship per year is 160 €. With this money, all costs for the school education are covered.



Do you want to support the "Wave project"?

Collect donations for the waves project or make your own wave. For more information, please write a short e-mail to fundraising@the-wave-project.com

Or use our form below and we will assist you with materials.

With our partner betterplace.org, it is also possible to start a fundraiser. There you can start a fundraiser for every event, whether it's a birthday or a marathon.