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The Wave Project is a charity created in the course of a world tour. The symbol of the wave stands for cohesion, because only together and through social commitment, something can be changed.

There are many places that are affected by poverty. In particular, we support children who are denied access to education.

We ourselves get a picture on site and work in cooperation with locals and local aid organizations. Our team regularly documents our projects. So you get an insight where the funds go.

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As soon as you think of Bali, you think of a nice paradise. But unfortunately it is not a paradise for everyone. There is a lot of poverty in many parts of Bali. Especially in the Ban village, in the east of Bali...


 There are around 2,000 public and 8,000 private schools in the Punjab province. The public schools are overcrowded. There are no hygiene regulations or limits on the sizes of the school classes and the available school material is limited...


The city of Juja in Kenya reveals a problem that is present in large parts of Africa - a shortage in the African vocational training system. In Juja, which is located near Nairobi, the available training opportunities are less than their demand. As a consequence, tendencies to criminality or thoughts of escape arise.



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transparent reporting

at least 2x per year a update about the child

donations are tax deductible

the money reaches the child 1:1

a issued certficate of the sponsorship



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