About me

My name is Monika Hendrix and I was born and raised in Mönchengladbach in 1966.

I work in the field of advertising / printing in order management. Now that my two sons and my daughter have grown up, I can finally realize my long-cherished wish to get involved in voluntary social work. As a result of some experiences, I became convinced that “The Wave Project” offers exactly this framework for my commitment.

An intense experience ...

Because of my family ties to Kenya, I traveled there several times. Far away from prosperity and tourism, I got to know the living conditions of the locals and the ease and cheerful mentality. That children in broken shoes, carrying school supplies in a plastic bag, walk many kilometers to school and are proud because they are among the very few whose families can afford it. These trips changed me a lot. We donated relief goods, e.g. furniture and clothing, etc.

The intention...

Unfortunately, since education cannot be transported in containers, I find it absolutely necessary to

to promote this with financial means, no matter where in the world. Everyone should actually have equal access to education and it is always worthwhile to start counteracting this inequality. I'm excited to be doing just that with The Wave Project.


Monika Hendrix