About me

My name is Jens Rinnelt, born in 1987 and raised in Krefeld. I got to know Akim through our time together with at the army. His positive attitude to life and lightness have always impressed me. After the army, I decided to start studying international management and corporate strategy, which gave me the opportunity to discover the world. I went via the Netherlands to America and Sweden, where I currently live in Malmö.


With 186 different nationalities, Malmö is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world. On my travels I have always been fascinated by the different nature of different countries and people. Despite different opinions and beliefs, I find it inspiring to see how diverse people come together. National borders and language barriers are forgotten and we respect each other as inhabitants of the same planet. After some initial demotivating and depressing job experiences, I made it my task to enable people and companies to develop their potential.

My dream...

My dream is that people step into their personal creativity and create a positive contribution to other people and the planet in life-enabling environments. It was therefore clear that I had to support Akim's dream of founding a foundation to help people around the world improve their lives through education. His dedication and lifeblood for "The Wave Project" was felt in each of our conversations and is visible in every one of his reporting videos on site


Jens Rinnelt

Deputy Chairman