The idea of ​​the wave began in Pakistan, when Akim decided to make a trip which would lead him around the world. On his way he wanted to help people and give back to society.

In Pakistan, he conducted talks with a relative who was in co-operation with the government and carried out projects for clean water tanks. In this conversation he mentioned that he wrote a travel blog ( on which he kept his family and friends up to date.

As they searched engineers for the clean water tanks, Akim suggested to write a small blog entry about it to call for engineers who want to support these projects in Pakistan.

When Akim wrote the article and talked to many other people about it, he realized that he was getting money from related people in Pakistan.

The first thing that concerned him was, what would he do with the money? It was little money for European conditions, but it was still quite a sum for Pakistani relations.

He decided to donate the collected money to a needy who lives on the street. This was the first wave project and the start of many more that were carried out in other countries.

The symbol of the wave is the cohesion of all people who help. Only a few can move a lot. Every initiated wave led to the donation of money, continuing the journey Akim has started. Below you will find further projects which have been carried out.

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