The Wave

The idea of ​​the wave began in Pakistan, when Akim decided to make a trip which would lead him around the world. On his way he wanted to help people and give back to society.

The symbol of the wave is the cohesion of all people who help. Only a few can move a lot. Every initiated wave led to the donation of money, continuing the journey Akim has started.

After several attempts to found a foundation and look for sponsors, it finally worked out after one year of the journey. Now Akim supports projects in Indonesia, where he himself reports on the spot where your money goes.

How can you help? Donate now to the project you have chosen. Or simply start your own wave.

We would be happy to assist you. Sign up to discuss how we can make a collaborative wave happen.

Currently we support projects in the east of Bali (Indonesia).
As soon as you think of Bali, you think of a nice paradise. But unfortunately it is not a paradise for everyone. There is a lot of poverty in many parts of Bali. Especially in the Ban village, in the east of Bali.
Schools were set up to promote children in villages that were recently discovered and completely cut off from the outside world. Unfortunately, these schools are only very limited funded by the government, so they need support.
We support two local schools (Pengalusan and Jatituhu) to provide a better future for the next generation.


The donation you make will be used where you think it is right.

Support now "The Wave Project" and help where you want to help.

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