You can cover the training fees for 1 person with the following amounts

1 week  hairdresser education

10 €

1 month hairdresser education

40 €

1 month locksmith & plumber education

28 €

Bank account

The Wave Project GLS Bank
DE54 4306 0967 4122 9637 00


Note on donation receipts

"The Wave Project". is recognized by the tax office Mönchengladbach as a non-profit. (current decision from 31.08.2018) For donations to our bank account we can issue donation certificates. For online donations you will receive the donation receipt from our partner betterplace.

DONATIONS UP TO 200 EURO (Simplified donation receipt without donation receipt)

You can donate up to 200 Euro without official donation receipt with the payment receipt of the transfer at the tax office.

For the simplified donation of up to 200 Euro (§ 50 Abs. 2 Nr. 2 letter b EStDV) to "The Wave Project" you need a receipt for the tax office, you can download it here and print out: CONFIRMATION OF USE


For donations over 200 Euro you need a donation receipt from "The Wave Project", if you want to make the donation to the tax office. For this we need your full name and address.