How do I make the wave?

The wave is a symbol of cohesion, we all can help. If we can hold together, we can change the world. Make the wave and tell us why you want to make the world a better place. Each donation, each wave helps to change the lives of others. Send your wave to info@the-wave-project.com

What is the black wave?

You do not want to make a wave? - No problem. All donations without a wave will run under a "black wave". This means the funds run directly into a project of your choice. However, you will not be mentioned in blog entries or videos.

Where is the money going?

The funds are used where you think it is right. We have certain foundations / projects which we support. You decide where your money goes. So you can follow on the blog what happens to your money and stay up to date. You can also subscribe to the newsletter, simply click here.

How do I get more information material? (Presentation)

Check out our current presentations (click here). If you have further questions or need information, just write a short e-mail to info@the-wave-project.com or comment on our blog. Here you will find our current foundation statute.

Can the wave also support me / us?

Need help? Are you planning projects abroad or are you a foundation where you simply lack funds and support? Then you are exactly right with the waves project. Apply for your project at Welle under info@the-wave-project.com. Your application should be a video where you briefly explain what help you need and how we can support you.

Become a partner

Do you want to become an official partner of the foundation? Contact us and let us know how you can help us. We would also be happy to discuss new projects with you. Contact us at info@the-wave-project.com.

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