About me

My name is Henrike Fackendahl, born in Kempen in 1997 and raised in the flower city of Straelen on the Lower Rhine. I am currently a student at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Kleve, Germany, studying "Sustainable Tourism". The basic topic of sustainability is quite complex, comprehensive and reflects a large part of the content of the study. Over the course of the semesters, I was able to determine for myself that my interest lies particularly in the area of social sustainability. Development cooperation in the sense of helping people to help themselves is an essential point that fascinates me. With this in mind, I decided to apply for an internship at The Wave Project. 


No sooner said than done. Now I am an intern at "The Wave Project". My goals within the internship are on the one hand to gain insights into existing as well as new projects of development cooperation, on the other hand I would like to get to know the basic functioning of a charity organization. I am convinced that every little support makes the world a better place and that everything good eventually finds its way back to you. 
I am sure that I have the optimal foundation for this on my side and I am looking forward to an exciting time. 

Henrike Fackendahl