About me

My name is Akim Akhter, born in 1987 and raised in Mönchengladbach. After my school days, I quickly found a job that I enjoyed. IT has always fascinated me as a child and adolescent. So after my time at the army, I trained as a IT specialist. I found my destiny very quickly in this job. I enjoyed dealing with people and giving advice. So I got into the consulting business very quickly. This was primarily about advice. In parallel to my job, I always had a great desire to travel. That's why I traveled a lot and traveled to over 20 countries where I went on vacation. But something was always missing - this wanderlust ...

The jouney...

So I decided to take some time off. I packed my backpack, sold my property and signed off in Germany. It went into the unknown. Plans were made on every trip. I quickly realized that they had to be thrown overboard after a month. But traveling to many other countries and experiences made me think. I experienced a lot of poverty, pollution and sincerity from my trip to Asia. The conditions varied from country to country, but I was warmly welcomed everywhere.

After the journey...

After almost a year I was back in Germany and decided to continue working as an IT consultant. But I brought an idea from the trip to help people. To make this possible, I tried to set up a foundation. This was the only way to collect donations and help people abroad. After one year of work it was done, a trust foundation was founded. I was able to implement this together with a good friend (Jens Rinnelt).

Akim Akhter


+49 151 1550 45 43


Buscherstraße 21, 41065 


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