The Wave Project is a charity created in the course of a world tour. The symbol of the wave stands for cohesion, because only together and through social commitment, something can be changed.


Corona in Bali

In order to get an insight look into how the Corona crisis is being dealt with on site, we and our partner have to create a video on the current situation of the two schools in Bali.

There are many places that are affected by poverty.

In particular, we support children who are denied access to education.

Currently we support projects in Indonesia and Pakistan.

Both projects serve to give children a path to education.

Look under Current projects for more information.

About us

We ourselves get a picture on site and work in cooperation with locals and local aid organizations. Our team regularly documents our projects. So you get an insight where the funds go.

Even small contributions do a lot. Therefore, take advantage of the offer of our partners, such as "Smile Amazon". Here, 0.5% of your purchase will be forwarded to us.

You can also start donation fundraising for birthdays or other occasions via the social networks or the donation platform "".

The Wave Project in Pakistan ....

In Pakistan, we are now launching a "wave project" for the second time. In recent reports, you could already see that we only invest your money there, where we can understand what happens to it.